As a courtesy, Bethany Chiropractic may bill your health insurance for Chiropractic service.  Some plans have copays while other plans have a coinsurance with deductibles. We REQUIRE our patients to determine their benefits for care prior to their visit. We are available to help in that determination process as well. You may contact us with any questions. 

**(Deductables to be met prior to coverage)**

To accomodate a lot of our patients needs, we offer a great Time of service discount. Whether you have a high deductible that you can't meet, or you don't have chiropractic coverage, our cash price is right for you! The time of service discount is an upfront payment and we do not bill your insurance. If you have any questions about this, please contact our office.

Time of Service Discount:
(Payment Required at Time of Visit)

$75 First Office Visit
$45 Following

 Senior Discount
(63 and older)

$65 First Office Visit
$40 Following